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I’ve been busy devouring a few non-comic books. Also, I’m not going to post everyday and you just need to get used to that! I’ll go ahead and kick things off right away.

Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #14: I’m really not a fan of this book. It’s the whole war glorification thing. Especially those first few issues where they had drawing of real guns at the end. (Yuck!) That’s not to say that there’s not the occasional interesting story line, Junior’s death was touching, but mostly I’m reading them because I have to. (No one’s forcing me, it’s just the same compulsion that makes me read TV Guide cover to cover even when I don’t give a crap about the show.) Luckily, there’s not an abundance of them available via MDCU!

This issue is a wonderful example of what makes me dislike this book so much. The Commandos doing training exercises. Hitler orders Baron Strucker to kill the Commandos. Strucker gathers together his own team, one for each Commando. They set a trap by building dummy missiles where they can be seen by air but not attacked by air. The Commandos show up and the Blitzkreig (*eye roll*) squad springs their trap. Except that after all that hunting for Nazi equivalents of each Howler, they don’t actually do anything specific to their counterpart. The Howlers win, trick the rest of the Nazis into letting them go and Hitler shows up and yells at Strucker. Basically, nothing happens.

Ugh. 1 star.

Uncanny X-Men #9I love the X-Men. All the prejudice and juicy stories and ever-changing line-up. Unfortunately, it didn’t start out that way. As things stand at the moment, Scott, Jean, Bobby, Warren, and Hank have “graduated”. Professor X has disappeared for some unknown project and left Cyclops as the leader. Other than fighting Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants every few issues there’s not much of the X-Men we know and love. There was a recent issue where a mob did get angry and go after Beast, but it wasn’t anything compared to what’s to come.

The good news with this issue is that the Professor is back! The bad news is that it’s another one of those one Marvel team fights another Marvel team for no other reason than that without it there wouldn’t be any “action”. Professor X has contacted Cyclops, telling him that he has finally tracked down Lucifer, the man who cost Charles his legs. The X-Men head to Europe to assist. Meanwhile, the Avengers have detected and “evil” in the area and have arrived to destroy it. Turns out it’s a bomb connected to Lucifer’s heartbeat, so he cannot be harmed. Professor X works on that while the X-Men fight the Avengers to keep them from killing Lucifer. The Professor manages to take control of Lucifer’s brain without harming him physically and then explains to the Avengers, who apologize (kind of) and leave. The X-Men neutralize the bomb and the Professor relinquishes control of Lucifer.

I really have these stories where the fight is there for no reason other than the fight. I know it was expected at the time, but the way comics have involved to the point where the story is as important as the art is so much better. I gave this issue three stars. It was perfectly average.