The last month or so I’ve been busy reading my way through the Hugo nominees so that I can make an informed decision in my voting, which is why I haven’t blogged recently. Luckily, one of the Hugo categories is Graphic Novels, so I thought I’d give a little recap and review as I finish each of those.

The first graphic novel I read for the vote is Digger (Vol. 1-6 encapsulate the entire story). The whole thing was a whopping 830 pages! Luckily, I had a couple of nice long train rides over the weekend and was able to finish it there!

Digger is a wombat who, in the course of her digging, stumbles upon some bad air and gets a bit lost. She ends up in the Temple of Ganesh near the town of Rath. The statue of Ganesh in the Temple is able to speak with the god’s voice and believes the tunnel Digger came through is the work of evil and magic. Wombats are not fond of magic or gods, yet somehow poor Digger is roped into helping to find an explanation and defeat the evil.

In the course of her adventure, Digger meets and befriends a wide variety of creatures. Theres the exiled hyena whose name was eaten before Digger renamed him Ed. The lost “shadowchild”, a demon who learns ethics from Digger. A young Hag, the local healer. A crazy woman who is a member of the veiled, an order of warriors who fight for all gods. The hyena tribe who ousted Ed. And a man with the head of a stag. Just to name a few.

The story is engrossing and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny (always fun in public). At the same time, there’s a lot there to make you think. The cast of characters is engaging and lovable. Each time one of them reappears in the story you feel like your greeting an old friend.

The art is pen and ink and absolutely perfect to the story. I’d highly recommend this as a starter for people who are interested in trying out a graphic novel but aren’t interested in super heroes! Will I vote for it? I don’t know. I still have four more books to read in the category!