The next Hugo nominated graphic novel I read was Fables: Rose Red. Thanks to those commercials that played incessantly a few years ago, I was familiar with the basic idea behind the series. Fairy Tale characters have been exiled from their homeworld and maroon in New York City. However, I hadn’t actually read any of them, and 15 volumes in the story is pretty intricate.

I’m the kind of person who really prefers to read things in their proper order. (I suppose that pretty obvious given the whole idea behind this blog!) For the sake of due diligence in voting, I decided to suck it up and read this story anyway. I obviously missed a LOT of continuity, even with the brief character synopses at the beginning of the book, and it took a while to get things figured out.

By the time I finished, I could see the appeal of the series, but generally felt more confused than anything else. It’s possible I’ll go back and read previous volumes (I’ve actually owned Vol. 1 for ages, I just haven’t gotten around to reading it!) but I don’t feel a pressing need to devour the story the way I ended up feeling about Digger.

I’m not going to rate this one, I don’t think it would be fair since the story is too wrapped up in what’s gone on before.