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I was really not looking forward to this one. It’s something like volume 12 or 15, so well into the world, and the title, well I was sure it was not going to be my cup of tea. I pictured near photo-realistic ink and pen drawings with some sort of intergalactic marines story. That is so not what I got!

Schlock Mercenary is actually a web comic created by Howard Tayler and it is AWESOME! A space opera that is by turns touching and completely freaking hilarious, Schlock Mercenary is the story of Captain Tagon’s ragtag gang of misfit mercenaries and their exploits in space. The title character, Schlock, is an amorphous blob who loves his gun and eating people. But not in a bad way.

This particular volume follows the ship doctor, (whose name I can’t tell you right now because it’s not listed in Wikipedia, there doesn’t seem to be a handy list at the site and I don’t have my copy of the book with me right now) a buxom babe, who, after finding out her marriage to the ship clergyman was a false memory (fallout from a previous volume I assume) sets about inviting old friends to a real wedding. The first person she calls, a former shipmate, is having some medical problems and there’s a problem on the space station he lives on in obtaining meds. The doc gathers a group to head to the station and take care of her friend that includes Sgt. Schlock and Ennesby, an AI. Craziness ensues.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this book was. I fully intend to collect the rest of the volumes in due time. Check this series out!

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenters who allow me to say that the Doctor’s name is Edward Bunnigus and her husband Master Sergeant Reverend Theo Forbius. I’m highly impressed by the level of fandom coming to this post. It’s definitely helping to bump the purchase of the books up on my list!

Also, apologies to Howard Tayler for spelling your name wrong earlier. I bet it happens all the time, but I should have double checked. It’s fixed now!